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Change reported to, “Begin in Own Back Yard”

Welcome to my magical garden blog. This is the place where the banalities, the mysteries of life, and the mysteries hidden in banality are observed, hunted down and harvested for your feasting pleasure.

Seriously, if this phrase refers to the physical and meta-physical space in our lives that we have control over, well… our own back yard is all we have.

It is not only the only place to begin, it is the only place there is. And what if – everyone is watching and – all together – our own back yard is all of Mother Earth?

I am grateful for the bounty of Mother Earth and the mercies of Hecate. I am thankful to live in skin now, in a time of technology, internet freedom and in a place where the First Amendment allow us to post this blog without fear of religious persecution. I am grateful for the amazing authors, who sometimes hide in ordinary garb for everyday life, and contribute despite other temptations to their time.  I am most of all grateful for my husband who is patient with my writing time, and me.

Arrive in Peace

Bask in Moonlight

Part in Joy

AD 2013

Professor of Wortcunning and Instructor of Lore at Grey School of Wizardry, writer and professional Landscape Designer, Anne Duthers began with the seed of love for literature that sprouted and took root in medieval medicinal herb lore.  While raising four children, this affinity grew into a career in publishing, branching to a degree in horticulture and another in journalism to blossom full-flower in a homestead vegetable garden complete with chickens, goats and honeybees where shoveling compost and howling at the moon are all part of the same dance. Now a grandmother, Anne teaches, draws, writes and gardens from her home among the redwoods with her life-partner of 15 years. You may visit her cottage garden shoppe at http://www.MotherDuthersGarden.com and take classes with Anne (plus magickal instructors of actual renown) at http://www.GreySchool.com.


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