Month: April 2017

Behind the Veil

by Anne Duthers When I step through the veil, it is a bit like a waking dream. I can fly. But mostly I stumble around, walking into walls, off cliffs, into oceans. I’m just learning how. When I do fly, stopping in time is…

Smelling Roses

by Anne Duthers We have all heard the phrase, and some even quote it: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”  In the famous play, Juliet here asks Romeo to change his sir name, as if it didn’t matter. Often today…

Ceanothus: an American Fairy Bush

  by Anne Duthers It started with me, barefoot on a lawn in the suburbs of California’s Central Valley. It was summer, and therefore, redundantly, hot. I wore little besides, well, a diaper actually.  From all accounts it was a happy day, but what I…

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