Four Coins: Inventory

Four Coins

This guy looks like a kid at Christmas playing with a favorite toy. And why not? A place with a view and the city at his disposal. He has it all!

Coins are the suit of the material world, and fours are about structure and stability. ‘Talent’ is an old, old word for a coin worth a day’s wages. Today we use the word to mean a skill at which one is particularly gifted.

And this is the message, to have fun with your talents today. Take them out and play with ’em even if everyone thinks you’re showing off.

Every year, usually in Spring, I find myself taking stock of my physical world. Perhaps this is because I grew up moving a lot, even living for a time in our home made RV camper-used-to-be-bread-van.

Everything I held dear was up for scrutiny then, as we prepared to live in tight quarters. My bed was a single-wide drop down ply-board on pulleys over the cab. My stuff would live in two drawers and two small selves big enough for paperback books. There is only so much you can hang on to.

What is worth your energy in the physical world? How much time to hold it, use, maintain, store, clean and even dote upon your stuff? Perhaps this is worth considering today.

Smith-Waite Tarot

Images from The Smith-Waite Tarot Centennial Edition Deck are used in this blog. They feature the artist, Pamela Colman Smith’s, original coloring and lovely back design. The cards are a bit oversized and printed on sturdy cardstock. This deck is one of my personal favorites. =:->AD

Rider-Waite images used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. c. 1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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