A Magickal Day

star manPlanetary Magic 
Did you know…Every day of the week is named for a body in our solar system and these are said to rule each their own day:
Monday for the Moon
Tuesday for Mars
Wednesday for Woden
Thursday for Thor
Friday for Freya
Saturday for Saturn, and
Sunday for the Sun.

A Magickal Day
A Magickal Day is divided into twelve equal hours of daylight and twelve equal hours of night with each hour assigned to its own planetary ruler. The day begins at dawn and ends at sunset. A Magickal Night is just the same but the other way ’round.

To Find the Planetary Hours:
To find the Planetary Hours of a Magical Day (or Night), add all the minutes of the day then divide the lot by twelve. This one-twelfth segment of daylight is called a Magickal Planetary Hour and will hardly ever be 60 minutes long. Each segment is assigned to the planets according to their ancient Chaldean order: Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn Jupiter, Mars, Sun. Begin assigning your ‘hours’ starting with the ruling planet for the day (see above) at sunrise. Check your work by adding those segments, one by one to the sunrise time and there you have it! What a lot of mathemagicks you might never expected to find in a Magical Day!

Using Planetary Hours:
Use this carefully calculated information to layer your magickal correspondences in a working. Careful what you wish for, this layering is potent stuff. The rest, my friend, is up to you!


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