A Grounding Meditation

This meditation is to be read aloud. Read it for a friend, and switch, or record this to hear it anytime. 

Breathe deeply.

Feel yourself at one with the Earth,


Mother Earth.

Breathe deeply.

Feel the core of light and love


Mama Earth nourishes all alike


moving up through the soil,

Breathe deeply

into the souls of your feet.


Travelling up the legs


energizing as it radiates upward,

toward the spine.

The strength of this light

and love

climbs into,


and beyond

the your central core

to the very crown

of your head,

connecting you

Breathe deeply

to the universal beyond.


The searing brilliance of this light,


the strength of this love,

leaves none but what is necessary,

cleans away all else.

As the light energy leaves the top of your head,

it cascades down into the Earth

and below

light surrounds you.

Breathe deeply

Allow this sphere of light


and love


to sink below the surface plane

until you are completely enveloped

in light

and love

Breathe deeply.

Protecting you


Enveloping you in Love


filling you with joy…

None but Love comes in,

and none but Love goes forth.

Blessed Bee


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