A Message from Death to Love

14-10CX0348C00 - CopyFrom Earth we see zipping around the sun every 116 days, the planet Mercury. In the night sky he may be observed to travel back and forth in a four-steps-forward-one-step-back circling dance about El Sol (the official name of our galaxy’s central star) before the backdrop of constellations in the night sky. Because of this pattern, zipping here and there and back again, Mercury is called the messenger planet.

This time the planet moves from 2 degrees 17 minutes Scorpio, back to 16 degrees 49.3 minutes in Libra. Scorpio naturally rules legacy and inheritance – what we leave behind after the tranforming fire of life (aka: death). Libra is concerned with ultimate beauty, balance and partnership (aka: love).

Mercury, as the messenger god, wears wings upon his helm and wings upon his sandals to symbolize his swiftness in the sky. And compared to most other planets his three week skip-step is a mere breath of time. His brief journey between these two contellations may be seen as a message fom Death to Love.

For specifics about the nature of the message Mercury carries, I reviewed the Sabian Symbols of Marc Edmund Jones. His bardic mind created poetic images for each degree of every constellation. The images are brief and cryptic, but he affords a paragraph of explanation for every one. Here, I only provide Mr Jones’ poetic symbol (in ital) . The interpretation is my own.

  A house raising. The message goes out from the 3rd degree of Scorpio. It is a call to participation in a way that is extraordinary, beyond the every day routine. Everyone is coming together to help and your contribution makes a real difference in the outcome of something far bigger that will long outlive you, serving generations in the community and gracing the landscape for years that follow. The invitation went out to everyone. It will be noticed if you stay home. It will be appreciated if you only show up and do what you can. Who knows, maybe that apple pie was just the moral booster the crew needed at the end of lunch?

Remember, this is a message- or in this case, an invitation. On Oct 4, 2014, Mercury begins his journey to offer an invitation from Death, for you, for me, to participate in Life. To do something with others, because it is good to help. Now, the Grim Reaper would not be his charming self without a veiled threat involved, but it’s just his way of saying he cares to warn that this contribution in Life is what we will be remembered for afterward.

  A retired sea captain. This is the reply from the 17th degree of Libra. There is no greater alure for some than the life of a captain at sea. No lanes upon the highway, no fancy ettiquette. Ultimate authority on board the ship and ultimate responsibilty. Each man aboard the master of his own fate with only a beautiful and fickle sea to test his metal. That, and the others on crew. Oh, yeah. Community.

On Oct 25, Mercury begins to move forward once again. So the old sea dog is left with the invitation from the perspective of the great beyond, and offers his life, his very nature as the reply. In truth, he can do little else.

Does he respond that he is retired now and satisfied with the contribution he once made?  Does he take those hard won skills to his land-lubbing neighbors who need a hand to build their home? What will be remembered of that salty old captain? Here, on land where his bones will be…

Or does he skip it all and head out to sea again? If only he weren’t so old for a life he’s already left. Perhaps it’s time to try something new on land, with this new crew -er, community. Aye, but land-legs may take some getting used to, Matey. =:-> AD


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