A Centering Meditation

an exemplary flame
an exemplary flame

Learning to be just myself, centered and on my way through the labrynth of life is the challenge. To know my path and follow it unwaveringly is a gift I continually cultivate.

Specifically phrased, this is an active, participatory statement. An affirmation and acknowledgement, designed to manifest. It was at first to my eyes simply an idea for a thought I might share.

The day after writing the words, my mentor gave me an ancient bear claw to symbolize a solid sense of my own self and purpose. Even if a bear is just having fun, no one will get in her way. It was as if the Universe said “Of course, you must be youself and do what you do – without fear. That’s why I bothered with you in the first place.”

Everything looks just a little different from the Center, when I am there. The flow of Universal Energy is tapped more easily, it is humbling, and it can be overwhelming (but that’s another story). If I am careful, I can go about my daily tasks in this mode balanced like a spinning gyrosphere, surprisingly sturdy on my way.

From this position I am also able to travel up in my soul-self, connecting with Universal consciousness for perspective; or down, travelling into the Underworld, for maintaining the seeds, soil and roots of tomorrow with the anchor of my own center post glowing like a candle, steady, warm and bright as a neon bulb cutting the darkness.

All of this is simple to say. It is the rough edges of the gemstone that is me, catching on the corners and edges of Life which send me tumbling, flying wildly off course time and again.

At this point I must look again for my center -even a tumbling stone has a center- find the still place in the midst, however tiny in the hurricane or expansive in the doldrum, and rest there. Allowing the detris of the day to slough away, and with a deep breath or two, I begin to relax.

Breathing is my secret key. Keeping it long, slow and deep with regular counts in… and out.. Allowing all thoughts to drift away. I focus on the counts of my breathing – inhaling in a count of four, holding the air for the same count, exhaling in four, and holding my lungs empty for the same.

It helps if there is a candle lit, the space clean and ideally, quiet. Now I fall into meditation easily as my unruly brain empties distracting thought like a seive along with the tensions of the day. Don’t worry, I tell myself, any important thought will come back when I need it…

   Continuing to breathe and count – it is what I give my fidgetty mind and body to do while my grownup soul-self takes time to unlax and rewind. Hint: although a quick meditation session always helps, the benefits are cumulative. Practice daily at the same time for maximum result.

It is possible, in this position to fall asleep. Making sure my candle is safe, I don’t worry too much about getting sleepy. I’m likely tired! Besides, sleep time is when the body repairs, and dream time is the best for visions and communication beyond the veil. Being sure to thank my Guardians and Ancestors as I extinguish the flame, I know they continually watch over and root for even my smallest victories – like finding time for this.

Even if only for a few minutes a day, I rise after a centering meditation refreshed and ready for whatever is around the bend on that twisting path of life before me. And so may it ever be.

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