H is for Hecate

H is for Hecate and heretic and health, and each of these are symbols of choice. Not simply choice, but Choice with a capital “C” – itself embodied and alive in our free will. Do you dare to give it breath?

The Triple Goddess
The Triple Goddess

Another name for Hecate is Trivia, goddess of the forked-road, or little everyday, life-sized decisions. The ones that seem so easy, to go this way or that. Remember, you can turn around too!

Hecate is said to be the last of the remaining Titans. Because she was best beloved of all the gods,  she became first of all the Goddesses, unchanging in her roles as both midwife to the newborn and She who guides departed souls (the dead) across the river Styx. You could say Hecate knows a thing or two about choices and how things work out for people. She has done the job for a long, long time. I bet she has heard it all.

Heretic is derived from the ancient Greek, hairetikos – one who chooses. The dictionary defines it as a person who thinks outside orthodox perimeters. It may also mean one who chooses to think for him- or herself. Free will, it seems, has been a problem for a while. It cannot be taken from you, but you may easily give it away. Sometimes before you realize it.

Health, too, is largely a choice we make on a moment by moment basis, the accumulated effects of food, sleep, work, posture, fun, exercise, thought habits… together are greater than their sum. Improvement in any of these components always has a positive effect in our lives, accumulating with consistency.  Making unhealthy choices only seems to make other people rich.
Standing at Life’s cross-roads, perhaps is a time to think for yourself.

Look around for a healthy (and likely less expensive) alternative, or maybe even ask your favorite goddess for a clue. It may start with a whisper and perhaps be as simple as taking a deep breath. ~AD =:->


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