Knock Wood and Write On

It seems like science is catching up with magic all over the place.  Today I share an article about the effectiveness of knocking wood and other ‘jinx avoidance’ activities. The study was published by the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

hi there!
hi there!

It’s about time that men in lab coats started to look seriously at the quantum manipulation called magic and (pejoratively) superstition. We don’t need the confirmation for the action to work, it is an exercise of faith.  But scientific study and acceptance makes the effort slightly more understandable.
It’s also true that your quantum experiments aren’t science until you write them down. A lot of data would not be ‘subjective and experiential’ if careful notes were taken by everyday Crafters.  Lab coats not required, but a pen and paper are.
Remember the fate of ancient Druids who, having excellent memory skills) would not write down their mysteries fearing they would fall into the wrong hands. When the Druids were wiped out by the advance of Rome, all that sacred information was lost.  Except for the bits people managed to write down later, we lost thousands of years of histories and genealogies, poetry and whatever else that we will never know again.
So, yes, your memory may be fantastic, but pen and paper will outlive you and writing the experience (experiment) down elevates your small act of will to the realm of genuine Science. Write on! ~ AD =:->


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