It’s International Astrology Day!

IMG_4354Today is the celebration of another celestial new year. It is Spring Equinox, and no matter how they mess with the clocks across the USA, we will still have half the day in darkness and half the day in light. Because it is the celestial new year, when the Sun enters Aries – the first sign of the zodiac, modern astrologers use this day as an international reminder for everyone to look up!

It is also the ancient day of celebration to Ostara, the goddess who also gave her name to the christian Easter celebration. She is the goddess of Spring, and therefore fertility. The rabbit is an apt animal totem for her fecundity. Indeed, from her name alone spring forth the modern words for Easter, ovum, estrogen and its root is found in many personal names.

Dawn is her time of day, as the East is the direction of her arrival. Those egg hunts at dawn should begin to make sense by now…

Happy Ostara! It’s International Astrology Day!


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